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I have never been a tan girl.

Polar Bear (Sow), Near Kaktovik, Barter Island, Alaska

I’m Lebanese and pale as hell for some god awful reason having to do with bad genes and looking way more Irish. THANKS A LOT MOM!!! When I was on swim team being all fit and tan I was too young to recognize how good it felt and what I was working with!


But now I will never take that for granted… when I get there… one day… hopefully in the near future.

Christina always tanned and I thought she was crazy for it, but after seeing so many fitness pictures my mind has been changed. I will never lay down in a tanning bed, especially since I have already had to get a mole removed and checked out so I just spent all day and night dreaming up all the ways I could get tan without killing me and couldn’t think of anything I could afford so I really felt like it was fate when I saw a Yelp deal for an airbrush spray tan in Napa. The reviews were amazing so I bought it!

I’m really not one to feel at complete and utter ease wearing nothing but the tiniest thong in the world in front of another human being, let alone a stranger, but Liz Kashani, who runs Let’s Glow Spray Tan made it so. I felt like my best friend in the whole world who I had previously spent all my time butt naked around was spray tanning me. That’s how comfortable she made me feel. It was unreal. And she happens to be beautiful and hilarious. BFF4L.


The spray felt like those little spray bottle fans on the hottest day of your life- totally refreshing. You walk out
of the little room looking like you stepped off a plane from your 3 month trip to Hawaii where you spent every day surfing and falling in love on the beach.

My sister has gotten countless tans in all the different ways you could possibly think of, and she swears this is the best.

Today has been a day filled with countless compliments on how I am glowing with this tan! It feels good, let me tell you. Someone even said I looked like an angel!

I highly recommend Liz Kashani for anything you feel like you need to be tan for. ANYTHING! ┬áIf you are ever in the Northern California area make the trip out to do this. I’m serious you guys!!!! You won’t regret it!

For more information or to make an appointment check out Liz’s website and other social media!


Twitter: @SprayTanNapabefore tanafter tan

Christina and I will definitely be posting more before and after pictures of ourselves this week on our Twitter and Instagram so LOOK OUT!

Have any of you ever gotten a spray tan? Was it a good experience? Was it a bad experience? Let us know! We love hearing from you!



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March 15, 2014 · 1:56 am