HELLO EVERYONE! My name is Casey and I am the newest member of Pretty and Penniless and I am so happy to be here! I thought I would start off with a post about getting to know who I am, what kinds of things I can’t live without, and all the wonderful things about living in a house with your fellow bloggers.


1. I am a full-time Music Teacher, Musical Director and Performer. I teach Voice and Piano and it is the best thing in the world! I perform in Musical Theater and it is also the best thing in the world! table read

2. I am in danger of becoming a crazy cat lady with every step I take. kittyeva

3. The love of my life is not only the cutest girl in the world, she’s also a finalist and the first openly gay contestant on American Idol right now! If you don’t believe me, google MK Nobilette and see for yourself her and my boo

4. I have a special place in my heart for Bridezillas and Cheaters. Those shows will always be in my top 5…cheaterbridespandp

5. Tapatio should be slathered onto EVERYTHING. I don’t care what it is. If I wasn’t hella gay, I would marry the Tapatio guy.tapatio

Well, I think that’s about it. I’m sure there are so many other things that I could talk about but right now, those are the basics.

In the next week I will be discussing the ups and downs of living in a house with your sisters, having crazy animals around you all the time, not falling into the token lesbian hole that I find myself climbing out of too often, parties and events that I host, of course my beautiful girlfriend, MK, and I might even post some really great (read: super weird) videos and advice on how to live your life.

Every week, Anna, Christina and I will be putting out so many posts for you all to read and learn from! Comment with any topics you would like to hear from me!

Follow me on Twitter @salsaconcasey and Instagram @caseyellis where you will find I am a very active in the selfie game. No shame.

I leave you with a video that has personally been on repeat in my life for the past two days! ENJOY!



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From the Bay to LA



Hey everyone!!! Christina here! You can follow me on Twitter @Teenyjellis & Instagram @Christeenyjell

Over this past weekend, my sistie (sister/bestie) and I drove ourselves down to LA (West Hollywood area) to see her Girlfriend who is currently competing in this season of American Idol. So I decided to write my monday post about 5 things I COULD’NT have lived without on this trip

5 Things I Couldnt Live Without 

#1- Zero calorie Red Bull! These seriously saved my life on this trip. Between Casey and I we probably went through 6. They are amazing, and they kind of suppress your appetite (just a little added bonus)


#2- MY SISTER!!! Whenever we are together we OBVIOUSLY have the GREATEST times. But when we were in LA we  could have made the guiness world record of fun times. One of the highlights was when Casey and MK sereneded me with  “Take Me or Leave Me” from the musical RENT.

#3- Seeing my ultimate TV crush CHUCK BASS!!! I was taking my precious toy poodle Naomi out for a stroll, and Chuck Bass walked by, bent over and made kissy noises at me… or Naomi… who knows, probably me though… lets be real. Also, I had no idea he was british until he said hello. ♡♥♡

#4- being surrounded by such talented musicians!! I was able to hangout with a lot of the musicians MK is competing with, and they were all so great! CJ, Matt, Mk, and Dexter all jammed out “Sweet Home Alabama” on guitar (aswell as a bunch of other songs) and they all sounded so beautiful! Its no wonder they have all made it so far! Being in there room listening to all of them talk made me feel like I was straight up in the south!

image (5)

#5- My Naomi!! She made everything so much fun! She got a bunch of new outfits (way more than her mother!!). She loved Venice Beach, and she keeps asking me when were gonna move to West Hollywood so we can go to The Abbey every Sunday… She really let LA get to her…


LA was so much fun, I cannot wait to go back. That place really whips you into shape!  Me and Casey have been making To Do lists like crazy!

The first thing on our list tomorrow is SPIN CLASS AT 5:45 am tomorrow!! Make sure you guys hold me accountable!  Tweet me tomorrow and MAKE SURE I DID IT!

Love Always,





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Tuesday Tip of the Day: Curling Iron Burns

There’s nothing fun about a curling iron burn! Not only does everyone assume you have a huge hickey but you also have a neck that’s on fire! We can’t help with the hickey assumptions but we can help with the terrible burn.  Add honey to soothe the burn and wear a scarf to soothe your ego.

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Just in July:


Anns’s Just in Junes:


I’m probably going to be evicted for blaring the new No doubt track on repeat day and night, but I could careless. I’m so pumped about their new cd that I’m organizing a Gwen Stefani party for all my fellow Gwenabees! I call ROCK STEADY GWEN!



Kevin murphy color bug: Pink

This color bug is perfect for a girl looking for some part time pink hair! It’s super easy to use and washes out right away! Recommended for lighter hair types, and girls who dont mind getting a little chalk on their clothes.



Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips

I know what you’re thinking, Christina said these were terrible. But listen guy’s she tried to use them while driving! After giving them a second chance we realized we both LOVE these bad boys. Not only do they have tons of adorable patterns but they also last days without chipping! They are also extremely easy to apply, even if you’re driving!



If boy’s can look good in bow ties than girls can look even better. The fact that i just realized you could pair a bowtie with almost any dress you own and have a perfect outfit is blowing my mind. I’m planning outings just to spend more of my time rockin’ a bow tie.


I love this song by Ellie Goulding! Every time I hear it, it makes me want to run and dance around in a huge field!

Beauty Product:


I have been using this for a while, and I just realized how important it is in my makeup routine. I probably lean on it a little too much, but I can’t help it. It really makes any makeup look 10 times better. (I may not act like it) But I do know that sparkles aren’t usually appropriate for every occasion, but with this super skinny applicator you can make it look really modest and not to new years eve-y.



This last month Anna has been putting a bunch of different blonde highlights in my hair with the intention to eventually lighten it all the way blonde. Now it is finally the color I want and I have started using a lot of products with toner in them. I started using Its a 10 leave in conditioner a long time ago and I have ALWAYS loved it. It makes my hair feel so soft and never weighs it down or make it oily like other leave in conditioners do. Anyways this one is the same as the other its a 10 that I used in the past, but it has toner in it. After just one week of using it I could really tell a difference in my color. It looks a lot healthier and brighter. The moral of the story is: if you haven’t tried this wonderful product (that literally does everything) then go out there and get it!!!



I am straight up OBSESSED with this color! Its called “Mod About You”. I can NEVER decide to go with white or pink for my pedicure. So finally OPI has answered my many prayers with this pastel white-ish pink . So now I am totally MOD about this color 😉


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Tuesday Tip of the Day: Clumpy Mascara?

Is your mascara getting way to clumpy way to soon? Well, fear no more! We have a solution to your problems! Saline Solution! 

If you find that your mascara is getting thick and hard to apply and you don’t feel like spending your pennies on a whole new product then all you have to do is put a few drops of saline solution into your mascara and mix it around with your wand. This will break up the mascara and give it a smoother substance. However, you must be careful when putting it in. Try mixing it with every new drop you put in or else you will end up with liquid eyeliner and a really weird applicator to go with it.

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Tuesday Tip of the Day: Big Beautiful Eyes!

Lets face it, we all weren’t born with big beautiful eyes like the Queen of perfect features: Angelina Jolie. However, just because we weren’t born with them doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve them!!! Here are a few tips that we love to use to make us look like doey-eyed angels. Also, feel free to leave some of your own tips and tricks in our comments!

Tip #1: White Eyeliner! I know you have heard us say this before, but we can’t stress it enough! Every girl should have this within her reach at all times! If you just apply it to your inner bottom lid you will not only look like an angel, but also it gives the illusion of a bigger/rounder eye. So if you don’t already have this in your collection, here is a great one that is super affordable!

Tip #2: BLEND BLEND BLEND BLEND BLEND! Make sure that when you are using more than one color you always spend enough time blending. eye shadow lines can be really distracting and take the focus away from the shape of your eyes. Make sure to invest in a good blending brush, and that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive! One of our favorite blending brushes we got was from Walgreen’s!

Tip #3: Mascara Tricks! When applying your favorite mascara, stroke the brush towards your nose. This will give your lashes a fuller look and also make your eyes appear wider!



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