Summer is around the corner! Which means pale legs are no longer acceptable! If you know Gabrielle Franklin at all, you know she’s the master of achieving the most beautiful shades of coco brown! Don’t get us wrong Gabzilla is the master of many things! For example being adorable, hilarious and having the biggest heart. Basically Gabbazabba is a golden goddess. We’re absolutely honored she would share her tanning tip’s with us! Maybe one day we could be as hott as Gabilicious…maybe…probably not.


Thug Story By T-Sweezie
This song will never get old…. I also feel like this is me when attempting to  rap.


Super curly ringlet curls.

USE CURLFORMERS. These the only thing that can curl my hair for longer than an hour with no product and you don’t have to use any heat!!


Like my idol Taylor swift, I love the whole sundress and cowboy boot look

Make up bag MUST:

 E.L.F Tinted Moisturizer

for all those times when you need your skin to look even and arent really into using face makeup or looking cakey. AND ITS ONLY $3.00!


Being an Oakland A’s fan!!!

No matter how many of my friends hop on the giants bandwagon I will be an A’s fan forever win or lose. 


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    seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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