Aubin Wise

Over here at Pretty and Penniless we’re been nothing but in love with Aubin. When she agreed to be our Girl of the month for April we went through many emotions, joy, happiness, intimidation (have you seen her!?) and of course pure excitement that Aubin would even respond to us. Aubin is not only one of the most beautiful human beings either of us have ever seen but she’s also a talented singer and actress with the knowledge of all things cool before we even know it’s relevant! At the beginning of her “Natural make-up tutorial” all we could think was ” Can’t wait to get that look!” then we realized she hadn’t started the tutorial yet and she was just that beautiful. We hope you learn a lot of new tips and tricks from this video, even if you don’t at least you get to watch Aubin be absolutely charming!

Aubin’s April Absolutes:


You gotta always have something to dance around in your undies to!


Keeps the skin glowing! Especially for the summertime, make sure you get all your vitamins and stay hydrated with water! I am a huge advocate for Smartwater!

After a long work out or even a few hours sun bathing, you must replenish! Smartwater is an electrolyte enhanced water that will not only hydrate but restore your ionic imbalance.

Clothing: DIY

never underestimate the power of your own creative mind! “Do It Yourself” is what’s in. All you need is a needle kit, a pair of scissors and some inspirations.

Accessories: Your favorite pair of sunglasses!

Hair: Moraccan Argan oil

For all the naturalistas out there, Moraccan Argan oil is your best friend. Rub this through your curls then onto your arms and legs for a healthy natural glow



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