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First things first, I may be tipsy right now so bare with me.


Being a hairstylist for the last three years, ive realized most people dont actually know how to get their haircut efficiently.I thought it would be cool to give you some tips from the stylist point of you, so you can get the best haircut for you.

1. Figure out the cut you want before you even get to the salon.

I cant tell you how many times someone has sat in my chair not knowing what they want. This is a huge nono.You should know what you want before you even get in a chair. Look up haircuts on and your mind will be blown with possibilities.  Having a picture will help imensly on getting the cut you want. Try to find someone with the same texture as you and and a style you can maintain on the daily.  Don’t get beyonce’s cut if you don’t have a personal stylist to do it for you daily. Be realistic. Count in the days you wanna be a hobo and where a Buddha bun.

2. Brush yo locks.

You have to remember hairstylist make most their money in tips. So if you come in with dreads and expect me to comb them out, cut your locks and give you a dope blow out, you are out cho mind. Coming in with freshly washed and combed hair means I can spend more time on your cut and blow out, which is why you came to me in the first place. Wasting my time combing knots means im going to have to skimp on your blow dry to get to my next client. I got bills to pay yo, don’t waste my time.

3. Keep it clean.

This is a problem I run across more with guys then dolls, wash the product out of your hair before coming in. When you come in with your hair spiked up with gel not only do my shears bend your hair ( giving you a choppy cut) it also dulls my shears.  Lose/lose for everyone. Coming in with a freshly washed head of hair is not only great for my shears but for me as well so I can see how your hair naturally falls. You can always ask for some product after the cut.

4.kidz cutz

Babies do not like haircut. I probably wouldn’t like some tall ass chick ive never met coming at me with scissors either, honestly. The best tip I can give you for baby haircuts is take them where you go. If they watch you get your hair cut by the same person 3 or 4 times and see they dont cut you, they feel much safer getting in the same chair. It also doesn’t hurt giving them a lollipop after each visit.

Hope this helped!



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  1. I think I have issues with styling. My hair looks so great and bouncy after it’s styled but when I try to recreate it at home, it turns out ok but it’s not nearly as nice as my stylist’s job. Usually, I’m her guinea pig so I let her do whatever she wants to my hair and it always turns out great, especially because I usually go to her home salon and not her work salon so there’s not pressure of cutting in to another client’s time. The last time I got my hair cut, I love the cut she did on a previous client and asked for that, I absolutely love it 🙂 Great tips, I hadn’t ever thought of your tips for guys or kids before (because they didn’t apply to me) but I might find them handy in the future.

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