March Madness.

Yo, yo, yo Anna here bringing you my top three musts of the month.


Music:: Crystal Fighters

These beautiful British gypsies are the perfect band for spring. Driving around with the windows down and crystal fighters blaring has become one of my favorite parts of my day.

Beauty:: Nirvana – Elizabeth and James


Recently, I was shopping in sephora and walked by Mary kate and Ashley’s new perfume, Nirvana. At first I wanted to try the perfume on because im absolutely in love with the bottle,  the price not so much. At eighty dollars a bottle I decided to spray myself down and bounce from sephora empty handed. What a mistake.  Throughout the day I just became more and more in love with the scent and ended up buying it online that same day. I regret nothing.

Fashion::  Forever 21 vs. American apparel


Forever21 has been ripping off other brands/stores/designers for years. This is very old news.  Who they’re knocking off now is the new news. American apparel! American apparel charges way too much for there basic clothes,  but alas I still buy it. Above I posted two pictures, one dress is from forever21 and costs 13.80, the other dress is from American apparel and costs 39.00. Can you even spot a difference?  I know I cant. I couldnt be more happy to support forever21’s blatant knock off and my bank account is even happier. (F21 leftside, aa right side)

Thanks for reading dolls. See ya Wednesday.

Xoxo anna


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