Hey Peeps! Christina here!

UGHGHGHGH, luckily I can still write this blog post, because my fingers are the only part of my body that aren’t sore! right now!

Casey and I have really been trying to TWERKOUT at least 6 days a week. However, I am going to have an honest moment with all of you… We didn’t go to the spin class at 5:45 am (like my last blog post said)  because we WERE TIRED. OKAY?! But later that night we sucked it up and we went at 5:00 pm… So you can still be proud of us… Spin class made me feel A LOT of different emotions… happy.. sad… pain… heartbroken ….sweaty … barren…etc Then, today we saw our Personal Trainer Vince. Sometime I love him, and most of the times I hate him… Today was one of the days that I hated him (legs day).

GYM SIDE NOTE: If you ever want to break into mine and Caseys gym locker, our password is FARTS.

But anyways, if i keep talking about working out my brain is going to get sore. So, I want to leave you with one of my staple beauty products (That I WILL NOT go without) Le Volume De Chanel. Literally the BEST mascara ever. Dior show pales in comparison.
The mascara wand has “snowflake bristles” so that you get really voluminous dimensional lashes! So go buy it!!!



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