Curl on Curl action.

Hey, yall anna here bringing you the biggest battle since pac and biggie. ( okay, maybe not THAT big)

        Wand iron vs. Bubble iron! Recently I found myself creeping my way through christinas room and saw she had a mighty fine selection of curling irons. Of course, I proceeded to steal them all, and here’s my reviews::


I wanted to try the wand out because literally every gal who uses one swears by it. I’m now realizing all these girls have shoulder length hair or longer. With my shorter hair I got bends, not curls. I think for the wand you need to be able to wrap your hair around the barrel at least three times. My hair was just long enough for two wraps, and that just wasn’t enough. Youll notice in the picture above my bangs (and some other short layers) were completely straight. I ended up going in with a regular curling iron to get the straight pieces. By the end of the day most my bend fell out. I ended up popping on a headband and vowing to live a wand-free life.



, this bubble iron I knew nothing about before trying. I now know I am in love. I can wrap my hair around two bubbles which gives me some pretty solid curls. I like my hair

 to look intentionally disheveled most of the time, so this was perfect for me. I had a beautiful crazy fro that lasted my whole seven hour work day. Christina will not be getting this one back.

 Sorry, im not sorry.

                                                                                       Bubble iron, you won this wrap battle.

                                                                                                        – A.

                                                                                            Instagram: littlelambanna



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2 responses to “Curl on Curl action.

  1. Thanks for the tips! And that bubble wand does look creepy haha.

  2. Michelle

    Agree, I have the bible iron & I love it!

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