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Sorry guys we couldn’t think of anything to post. Here are our sad faces.




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snip snip tips

First things first, I may be tipsy right now so bare with me.


Being a hairstylist for the last three years, ive realized most people dont actually know how to get their haircut efficiently.I thought it would be cool to give you some tips from the stylist point of you, so you can get the best haircut for you.

1. Figure out the cut you want before you even get to the salon.

I cant tell you how many times someone has sat in my chair not knowing what they want. This is a huge nono.You should know what you want before you even get in a chair. Look up haircuts on and your mind will be blown with possibilities.  Having a picture will help imensly on getting the cut you want. Try to find someone with the same texture as you and and a style you can maintain on the daily.  Don’t get beyonce’s cut if you don’t have a personal stylist to do it for you daily. Be realistic. Count in the days you wanna be a hobo and where a Buddha bun.

2. Brush yo locks.

You have to remember hairstylist make most their money in tips. So if you come in with dreads and expect me to comb them out, cut your locks and give you a dope blow out, you are out cho mind. Coming in with freshly washed and combed hair means I can spend more time on your cut and blow out, which is why you came to me in the first place. Wasting my time combing knots means im going to have to skimp on your blow dry to get to my next client. I got bills to pay yo, don’t waste my time.

3. Keep it clean.

This is a problem I run across more with guys then dolls, wash the product out of your hair before coming in. When you come in with your hair spiked up with gel not only do my shears bend your hair ( giving you a choppy cut) it also dulls my shears.  Lose/lose for everyone. Coming in with a freshly washed head of hair is not only great for my shears but for me as well so I can see how your hair naturally falls. You can always ask for some product after the cut.

4.kidz cutz

Babies do not like haircut. I probably wouldn’t like some tall ass chick ive never met coming at me with scissors either, honestly. The best tip I can give you for baby haircuts is take them where you go. If they watch you get your hair cut by the same person 3 or 4 times and see they dont cut you, they feel much safer getting in the same chair. It also doesn’t hurt giving them a lollipop after each visit.

Hope this helped!


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Naked moon dance, family & Laura Mercier

my weekieHey Guys!! I am a little unprepared for this blog post, so I just decided to write about my slightly boring week. But, don’t you get mad at me if you don’t like this post, I warned you!!!

I started my brand new job at Nordstrom as a Counter Manager for Laura Mercier. I have only been there for 2 days, but it already is much fun! The people I work with are amazing, and the color at Laura Mercier is INCREDIBLE!! They have everything you need to look like a glowing angel! 

Last night was probably the funnest night of the week, mine and Casey’s best friend since baby-hood (Erin) came over for the full moon. We watched some witchy movies (Practical Magic, and The Craft) and did a Full Moon ritual… Casey and Myself got a little too wrapped up in the ritual and danced around naked under the full moon while Erin watched us (what a perv…). Anyways, it was really fun, we just talked about things we want to accomplish and how we are going to do them!

I got to spend some time with my handsome nephew Rowan on Sunday! He is getting so big and cute!! He was teething, so he wasnt super thrilled to see me… He just gets really jealous because I already have all my adult teeth… 

Anyways you guys, I gotta go do some squats! Casey and I are on day 4 of our 30 day squat challenge!!! Have a great week!! See you guys on Thursday!!





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March Madness.

Yo, yo, yo Anna here bringing you my top three musts of the month.


Music:: Crystal Fighters

These beautiful British gypsies are the perfect band for spring. Driving around with the windows down and crystal fighters blaring has become one of my favorite parts of my day.

Beauty:: Nirvana – Elizabeth and James


Recently, I was shopping in sephora and walked by Mary kate and Ashley’s new perfume, Nirvana. At first I wanted to try the perfume on because im absolutely in love with the bottle,  the price not so much. At eighty dollars a bottle I decided to spray myself down and bounce from sephora empty handed. What a mistake.  Throughout the day I just became more and more in love with the scent and ended up buying it online that same day. I regret nothing.

Fashion::  Forever 21 vs. American apparel


Forever21 has been ripping off other brands/stores/designers for years. This is very old news.  Who they’re knocking off now is the new news. American apparel! American apparel charges way too much for there basic clothes,  but alas I still buy it. Above I posted two pictures, one dress is from forever21 and costs 13.80, the other dress is from American apparel and costs 39.00. Can you even spot a difference?  I know I cant. I couldnt be more happy to support forever21’s blatant knock off and my bank account is even happier. (F21 leftside, aa right side)

Thanks for reading dolls. See ya Wednesday.

Xoxo anna

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I have never been a tan girl.

Polar Bear (Sow), Near Kaktovik, Barter Island, Alaska

I’m Lebanese and pale as hell for some god awful reason having to do with bad genes and looking way more Irish. THANKS A LOT MOM!!! When I was on swim team being all fit and tan I was too young to recognize how good it felt and what I was working with!


But now I will never take that for granted… when I get there… one day… hopefully in the near future.

Christina always tanned and I thought she was crazy for it, but after seeing so many fitness pictures my mind has been changed. I will never lay down in a tanning bed, especially since I have already had to get a mole removed and checked out so I just spent all day and night dreaming up all the ways I could get tan without killing me and couldn’t think of anything I could afford so I really felt like it was fate when I saw a Yelp deal for an airbrush spray tan in Napa. The reviews were amazing so I bought it!

I’m really not one to feel at complete and utter ease wearing nothing but the tiniest thong in the world in front of another human being, let alone a stranger, but Liz Kashani, who runs Let’s Glow Spray Tan made it so. I felt like my best friend in the whole world who I had previously spent all my time butt naked around was spray tanning me. That’s how comfortable she made me feel. It was unreal. And she happens to be beautiful and hilarious. BFF4L.


The spray felt like those little spray bottle fans on the hottest day of your life- totally refreshing. You walk out
of the little room looking like you stepped off a plane from your 3 month trip to Hawaii where you spent every day surfing and falling in love on the beach.

My sister has gotten countless tans in all the different ways you could possibly think of, and she swears this is the best.

Today has been a day filled with countless compliments on how I am glowing with this tan! It feels good, let me tell you. Someone even said I looked like an angel!

I highly recommend Liz Kashani for anything you feel like you need to be tan for. ANYTHING!  If you are ever in the Northern California area make the trip out to do this. I’m serious you guys!!!! You won’t regret it!

For more information or to make an appointment check out Liz’s website and other social media!


Twitter: @SprayTanNapabefore tanafter tan

Christina and I will definitely be posting more before and after pictures of ourselves this week on our Twitter and Instagram so LOOK OUT!

Have any of you ever gotten a spray tan? Was it a good experience? Was it a bad experience? Let us know! We love hearing from you!


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March 15, 2014 · 1:56 am



Hey Peeps! Christina here!

UGHGHGHGH, luckily I can still write this blog post, because my fingers are the only part of my body that aren’t sore! right now!

Casey and I have really been trying to TWERKOUT at least 6 days a week. However, I am going to have an honest moment with all of you… We didn’t go to the spin class at 5:45 am (like my last blog post said)  because we WERE TIRED. OKAY?! But later that night we sucked it up and we went at 5:00 pm… So you can still be proud of us… Spin class made me feel A LOT of different emotions… happy.. sad… pain… heartbroken ….sweaty … barren…etc Then, today we saw our Personal Trainer Vince. Sometime I love him, and most of the times I hate him… Today was one of the days that I hated him (legs day).

GYM SIDE NOTE: If you ever want to break into mine and Caseys gym locker, our password is FARTS.

But anyways, if i keep talking about working out my brain is going to get sore. So, I want to leave you with one of my staple beauty products (That I WILL NOT go without) Le Volume De Chanel. Literally the BEST mascara ever. Dior show pales in comparison.
The mascara wand has “snowflake bristles” so that you get really voluminous dimensional lashes! So go buy it!!!


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Curl on Curl action.

Hey, yall anna here bringing you the biggest battle since pac and biggie. ( okay, maybe not THAT big)

        Wand iron vs. Bubble iron! Recently I found myself creeping my way through christinas room and saw she had a mighty fine selection of curling irons. Of course, I proceeded to steal them all, and here’s my reviews::


I wanted to try the wand out because literally every gal who uses one swears by it. I’m now realizing all these girls have shoulder length hair or longer. With my shorter hair I got bends, not curls. I think for the wand you need to be able to wrap your hair around the barrel at least three times. My hair was just long enough for two wraps, and that just wasn’t enough. Youll notice in the picture above my bangs (and some other short layers) were completely straight. I ended up going in with a regular curling iron to get the straight pieces. By the end of the day most my bend fell out. I ended up popping on a headband and vowing to live a wand-free life.



, this bubble iron I knew nothing about before trying. I now know I am in love. I can wrap my hair around two bubbles which gives me some pretty solid curls. I like my hair

 to look intentionally disheveled most of the time, so this was perfect for me. I had a beautiful crazy fro that lasted my whole seven hour work day. Christina will not be getting this one back.

 Sorry, im not sorry.

                                                                                       Bubble iron, you won this wrap battle.

                                                                                                        – A.

                                                                                            Instagram: littlelambanna


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