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Just in Junes!

Christina’s Just in June’s


Wild Ones – Flo Rida & Cia

I freak out every time this song comes on the radio, and I start performing like I am Cia.


Siriusonic Skin Care System. I recently recieved a Siriusonic as an early birthday present and I LOVE IT! It has all different heads that you can attach depending on what kind of mood your skin is in that day!
It makes your skin feel so refreshed and new! You just pair it with your favorite face wash and you are good to go! I recommend this for EVERY GIRL! Especially ones with tumultuous skin types.

Cant Stop, Wont Stop

Im not proud of this, but frankly I can’t help it. Really, its netflix’s fault for putting it on my instant queue right after finals. I started on episode one (season 1) and now I am already on season 3. So, while I would like to tell you that I cant stop, wont stop on the treadmill… I just can’t lie to you.


The Chi Air!! I have been wanting this for so long and I just got it as another early birthday present! It is so incredible. It makes your hair look super healthy and it is just a million times better than any other straightener I have owned so far.

Anna’s Just in Junes!


Luke Bryan – County Girl
Look, I dont have to explain my love for country music to anyone. Ma and Pop’s are arkansa folk, so I’m allowed to dance around my room to catchy country songs whenever I please. Don’t judge me.


90’s grunge
I don’t know if there is anyone who loves the 90’s more than Christina and I. From the amazing high school teen flicks to the flannels tied around the waist. I’m  beyond thrilled to see that 90’s grudge is back for the attack. My middle part is finally socially acceptable.


Chi hairspray I’ve been on the prowl for the perfect hairspray for years, and I’ve finally found it! I start off every morning curling my hair and need it to stay curled to the wee hours of the night. This hairspray keeps my curls in tact and has only minimal crunch! Plus it smells like candy, and who doesnt want to smell like candy?


Embrace me! This lip liner is my favorite color anything, ever. When M.A.C. released it for the Iris Apfel line I went crazy. I wore it daily! Well until I realized they we’re completely sold out and I would have to pay 45 dollars on ebay for ONE pencil. Luckily for me, Jesus really loved me and they relaunched the lip liner in the Beth Ditto collection. I stocked up and have my new summer color! Thanks Jesus/M.A.C.

Cant stop, wont stop 


Summertime is here, which means so is watermelon! A.k.a. my favorite thing in the WORLD! I’m ready to sit back, sip watermelon margaritas and paint my nails bright pink, green with black seeds in the middle!


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Make up DOS!

We bummed you out with our make up DONTS! Now it’s time to pump you up with our Summer 12′ DOS! Here are some looks we recommend everyone tries at least once.

#5. Glitter girls

Glitter will forever be questionable for some girls. We totally understand, you do not want to be associated with a stripper, who does? Glitter doesn’t have to be rubbed into your body with baby oil or sprayed it in your hair like a thirteen year old girl on her first trip to marine world without her mom. Blending a little sparkles over your eyeshadow or on your upper cheek bone is a great way to spice up a neutral look. Plus everyone secretly loves glitter, no matter how much they deny it. Who doesn’t want to reflect in the sun?

#4. Don’t be catty.

Almost every girl in the world has mastered her favorite black cat eye. As have we, but we’re bored ya’ll! I understand it’s your “statement” look, but mix it up. Try adding some color, switch your black liner with a teal! Hate color? Add a metallic gold or silver. Anything but a basic black line, it’s summer ladies. Woo us!

#3. Orange you lookin’ good!

Red lips are a classic look, that most of you doll’s can pull off. It’s also a look that’s been around since Marilyn Monroe was breakin’ hearts. Try swapping your bright red with a orange or coral! It’s summer time and we think your makeup should reflect how happy you are and how warm it is! Live dangerously, go orange.

#2. Whi-ner

Wearing white eyeliner is probably the smartest decision you will make of 2012. When used on the upper lid, the white attracts light and opens up the shape of your eye, whereas a black liner can make it look smaller. Applying, daily a 99 cent white Wet N’ Wild eyeliner, will change your life. Not only will your eyes look bigger, but you will look like a straight up angel at all times. That’s just a fact.

#1. Neon, come on!

We get it, a bright hot pink neon lipstick isn’t for everyone. Okay, we really don’t get it, because you guys probably didn’t even try it, you’re just assuming it doesn’t look good. Well you’re probably wrong. It’s shocking how good neon colors look on you. Maybe you all around hate lipstick, try a electric blue eyeliner, or hot pink blush instead! Not only will you look tanner, but everyone will have to stare at how good you look. Honestly, all the dark colors we see are bummin’ us out. Let’s all promise right here, right now we’ll wear at least one neon look this summer. Pinky promise? Pinky promise. Just try a hot pink or orange lipstick…. we bet you’ll like it.

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Tuesday Tip of the Day : Red Eyes

 Allergy season hitting you hard? Boyfriend just break up with you? Theresa and Jacqueline fight leaving you downright depressed? Listen, you dont have to explain your red eyes to us, and you shouldn’t have to explain them to anyone else either. All you have to do to  hide those red eyes, is take your favorite color blush and apply it higher up on your cheek bones, and closer to your eyes. This way the redness in your eyes wont stand out against your normal skin color. It will blend in with the blush.

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Tuesday Tip of the Day: De-puffing

Partying all night leaving your face puffier then a cracked out Lindsay Lohan?

Stop freaking out. Yes you look God awful right now, but we can help you. Soak a washcloth in very warm water, press it against your skin, and give your face a good scrub. Then, rinse, and splash your face with ice-cold water. Your capillaries will respond to the change in heat, which will stimulate lymph vessels and blood flow for better de-puffing. Follow up by a natural makeup look and telling everyone you just woke up. Play it cool. Oh, and try to stay away from the tequila shots next time.

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Make up DONTS!

Christina and Anna here, bringing you our make up DONT YOU DARES! If you find any of these looks in your daily routine, you should probably rethink your regimen, or your life. Whatever comes first.

#5. Not blend-able

First off, why? If you’re going to go through all the effort of applying multiple eyeshadow colors, why not take the time to make them look good? Clearly Miss “Jerseylicious” Olivia Sharpe is heavy handed with her makeup applications. When blending try to have a light touch, and blend out where shadow looks heavy. No matter how long it takes to blend, it’s worth it. You don’t want to look like Olivia.

#4. Overly concealed

We’re sure when Eva Longoria left her house she had more of a “Natural highlight” look instead of a “Pocahontas on crack” look we see here. Putting on that much concealer with the papparazi on her tail is a rookie mistake. When being photographed keep the concealer minimal. However, if you like this look, then continue to use concealer as warpaint.

#3. D.T.M.(Doin’ too much) smokey eye

Let’s start off by saying we hate everything about this look. This smokey eye must have came straight from the flames of hell, because this is just God awful. Using black eyeshadow from your lid to all the way IN your eyebrows is not a good look for anyone. Tyra Banks’ awkward lipstick color and not filled in eyebrows just add on for the most perfect terrible look we have seen in awhile.

#2. Pencil thin eyebrows

Filling in your eyebrows with a pencil is completely acceptable! Shaving your natural eyebrows off to use a pencil to draw them on, is one of the grossest things we have ever seen. But then again, Christina Aguilera never fails at making us feel uncomfortable. Whether she’s wearing bootyless chaps or rocking an afro bigger than her whole body, she seems to be a shoe-in for every top 5 DONT we ever make. Ladies, please keep your beautiful eyebrows. Maintain them weekly and fill them in with pencil or shadow. Don’t be weird.

#1. Hola Chola

Wearing a lip liner darker than your lipstick will only end with you looking like a chola or sleazy former playmate now rockin Hepatitis C. If you don’t feel confident in your lip liner matching decisions we recommend using a colorless lip liner. Colorless lip liner’s will help your lip stick not feather outside your lip-line. It will also help you not look like Pamela Anderson, which should be a life goal for all of us.


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Tuesday Tip of the Day : Mascara

Are your long & beautiful lashes messing up your mascara? Do you finish off your makeup and realize there is mascara all over your top and bottom lid!? WE DO TOO.

As we all know, once that happens, the next step is to try and clean it off. So that’s when your makeup gets smudged, or makeup gets in your eye and you start crying. Then, there you are half of your makeup is cried off, and everyone is asking you whats wrong.

Well stop crying! We have found a solution! A really simple solution that you will not believe you didn’t think of!

When applying your mascara, tilt your head back and chin up. Your eyes should be squinting at this point, so that your lashes are the farthest from your top lid. After that, just go about your business and apply that mascara!


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