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April Girl of the Month — Aubin!

Check out Aubin our April Girl of the Month


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Tuesday Tip of the Day: White teeth

Everyone loves white teeth but no one likes paying forty two dollars for whitening strips filled with peroxide. Baking soda can save you money and your gums from being chemically burned. Simply mix together toothpaste, water, baking soda and brush away. Try this once a week if you want your mind to be absolutely blown and your teeth sparkling white.


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April absolutes

Anna’s April Absolutes:


April’s here which means so is Coachella! I bought my ticket last July before the artists we’re announced and was completely (gin and) juiced to here Snoop and Dre we’re playing. Their performance was flawless, I would have spent the 300 dollars just to see them. Not only did Snoop and Dre blow my minds but 50 Cent, Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar, Kurupt, Warren G, Nate Dogg and TUPAC played as well. I died during their set of happiness and seeing as I can’t post the whole set I’ll just post my boy Wiz because he’s obviously the most attractive. (Well besides Tupac, but everyone on the planet has watched that hologram atleast ten times)

Fashion: Ombre Tights

I love all things Ombre and I absolutely hate pants. Look I dont know why I just hate pants, they always get loose during the middle of the day, I have short legs so pants are always way too long for me, I’m just too lazy to find a pair of pants for my awkward body. So when I found these ombre tights I fell in love, the warmth of pants without the annoyance of wearing them. As soon as I get paid I’ll have a pair in every color. Trust.

Hair: John Frieda Go Blonder Shampoo

Speaking of Ombre, I recently Ombred my hair! I’ve been trying to grow out my hair for the last three years, don’t get me wrong I’ve had progress but nothing compared to girls who don’t have to bleach their hair every three weeks. After discussing with my mom (screaming and whining at her) that I dont know how to grow out my hair and keep my blonde, she suggested I Ombre my roots my natural color and keep the ends platinum. Obviously my mom is not only an angel but a genius. So I finally do it, I Ombre my roots and I’m blow drying my hair, so excited to see my results and BAM I notice it. The light brown color faded into my platinum and I have grey hair, are you serious? I’m serious. I instantly freak out of course and try to think of my options, do a bleach cap (which will break off my ends and leave my hair even shorter) or try a lightening shampoo. I bought this John Frieda Go Blonder shampoo and after one wash my hair was back to platinum. I totally recommend this shampoo if you have more than one color in your blonde hair or if your blonde is looking a little dull.

Product: Milani Baked Eye Shadow

First off I’m going to start out by saying my skin is really crazy. I have extremely dry skin with very small pores that are easily clogged, so cream blush and highlighters are usually too thick for me. I had been thinking about using a baked eyeshadow as a highlighter to get the look of a cream highlighter and not the thickness but wasn’t sure if it would work. Great news, it does! This Milani baked eyeshadow (in Golden touch) is perfect for my sensitive skin and gives me a great shimmer plus it was only seven dollars, I aint maaad.

Cant stop, wont stop: Watching basketball wives.

I know I’m twenty two years old and I should be out drinking and partying with my friends, but at the end of the day all I want to do is watch these middle aged, Z-listed women pop off. I know I’m going to lose a lot of credibility (or gain it if you have amazing taste like me) but I just cant get enough. Am I in love with their always spectacular glitter eye shadow’s or is it the fact that Christina and I are always being told we ARE Evelyn and Jennifer. Look judge me for my new love if you want, but don’t be surprised if your judgment is met with a glass of wine in your face and me clapping my hands after every word I say. Don’t test me, I’m lookin for any excuse to pop off!

Christina’s April Absolutes:

I’m usually not a big fan of Jimmy (Drake), but this song spoke to my soul. This song really gets me going when I’m working out with my punching bag, or when i’m trying to beat up Anna 😉

Skincare product: L’Oreal 360 Clean Deep Cream Cleanser

I have used a lot of different face washes, and this one by far is my favorite. Typically, my skin is really dry and with this moody weather it’s only getting worse. L’Oreal 360 has a lot of different types of face wash. This one is a moisturizing one, so it just works best for my skin. My favorite part about this face wash is that it comes with a sassy little scrublet that gives you a gentle exfoliation while hydrating skin at the same time. It is amazing, and I don’t even want to imagine where my life would be with out it. Go get it ladies and gents!

Makeup Product: ELF Spring Pallet.

This was the best impulse buy I have made in a long time! This pallet is incredible! It has so many matte and shimmer options.

Of course whenever you buy a pallet there will be colors you will never use, but this pallet has very few that I wont use. The colors are so pretty! The left side of the pallet is really great for an everyday natural look, and towards the right is great for going out or getting crazy.

Be sure to get this pallet before they discontinue it.


I have loved Lisa Loeb since I found her Firecracker album when I was 7 years old, and I don’t imagine I will ever stop loving her. In my opinion she is the poster girl for everything feminine. She was the reason I picked up a hair brush, curling iron, my moms makeup, and even a guitar (that didn’t last long).

So anyways, last month my wonderful boyfriend surprised me with 3rd row tickets to her show in Napa! So this Saturday I will obviously be making Lisa Loeb very uncomfortable while I sing every song lyric and try my hardest to make eye contact with her! Cant wait!!

Girl Crush: Leighton Meester

I love everything about her! I love how she looks, dresses and talks. Despite the poor choice (Dan) shes making in recent episodes of Gossip Girl, I will always aspire to be even a little bit like her. She’s gorgeous!

Love Always,



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Tuesday Tip of the Day: Plump lips

Lip plumpers never work for you? Us either! Were tired of wasting our money on products that don’t work! Benefit’s lip plump is a joke, and elf’s plumper is always sold out, so we decided to make our own plumper.


Apply a small amount of cinnamon powder on your lips .Cinnamon acts as an irritant and plump up your lips. Wait two minutes and apply lipstick or lip gloss. Screw you Scarlett Johanson, we’re gonna fake it till we make it!


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Friday Tutorial

That awkward moment when you are over a week late on putting this video up.

Sorry It took so long! hope it was worth it! Let us know what you think!


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Tuesday Tip of the Day: Tanning

Are you one of those silly people who thinks tanning beds are “bad” for your skin/causes “cancer”? Do you hate lotion because the coloring of the lotion is always way too orange for your skin/stains your clothes? Do you steer clear of spray tanners because you dont want to look like this:

Well we have a solution for you! If you want bronze legs or arms, mix a pinch of loose bronzing powder with your body lotion in the palm of your hand and blend up and down your arms or legs. Make sure it doesn’t clump in places like your ankles or knees. This way you can pick the bronzer best for your skin tone and you can completely avoid looking like Crazy Aguilera.


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