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Thursday Tutorial – Eyebrows!

We filmed our very first video! Please forgive us for any editing faux pas. Let us know what you think!




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Tuesday Tip of the Day: Satin pillow cases

Tired of waking up every morning and looking exactly like Jesse camp?

Well problems solved, ladies!

Sleeping on a satin pillowcase not only feels soft and luxurious, it also helps maintain your hairs moisture balance, prevents breakage, split ends and even frizz! If that isn’t a good enough reason for you to pick up these extremely affordable miracle cases they also help fight against early onset of wrinkles!


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Tuesday Tip of the Day: Mascara

For a longer lash look, try applying your second coat of mascara only to the tips of your lashes,this will make the lashes appear thicker and fuller, and help them to look longer as they will be more defined against the skin because the product has been concentrated on that one particular area.

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Check out Casey our very first girl of the month!

We added a girl of the month page at the top so keep checking back!

Also if you would like to be girl of the month. Leave us a comment (that only we can see) and tell us a little about yourself! 

Love, C.A.

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Super Steal

Last week at Forever 21 I found this awesome gold shadow that reminded me of MAC Pigment, and it was only a dollar! So of course, I couldn’t afford NOT to buy it (I found it in those bins right by the checkout). I wasn’t expecting much, but it is SO COOL! I love it!

Its super fine glitter, so if you put a wet shadow or  gloss under it it will stay in place. This way you don’t have glitter all over five minutes after application.

In this picture I used a thin layer of  my Urban Decay eye primer potion  right under my eyes before I put the shadow on so that  it would really set in.


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March Must Haves

Anna’s March must haves:

Music: Beyoncé is my queen and she has given me another jewel. This song is on repeat every morning I get ready, it makes me want to call all my friends (both of them) and have a dance party in my backyard. This video just shows how incredible Beyoncé looks at all times and I suggest you watch it over and over.

Fashion: Coral. Anything coral, I want right now. These coral high wasted trousers have been sitting in my forever 21 shopping cart just waiting for me to get this week’s pay check.

Hair: Easy up-dos. I love doing other peoples hair but hate doing my own, easy up-dos make you look like you spent all the effort on your hair but in actuality you’re just strategically pinning it up. I’m all about looking good with little work.

Product: B.B. cream or Blemish bomb is super popular in Korea and has recently gotten popular in the U.S.A. (HELL YEAH AMERICA!) I have very dry/sensitive skin and almost all moisturizers with SPF just leads to my skin breaking out, which leads to me picking my skin, which leads to dark marks on my face, these are not the results I’m trying to achieve because I want to protect my skin. This cream has SPF15 protection and leaves me break out free. It also helps correct your skin tone, while hydrating your skin and lightens dark marks. This cream was sent from God straight to my make-up bag.

Purse product: Mac lipcolour (in Enchantee)- I’ll start this off by saying I’m a lipstick girl till death do us part.  90% of the time I just hate lip gloss. I don’t know why but I do, it’s sticky, it makes your lips look sweaty and what boy wants to have to wipe his lips after kissing his girl. Something about the texture of lip gloss just grosses me out. Lucky for me M.A.C. has come out with a new lip gloss that looks and feels like lipstick but with the easy application of lip gloss. This lip gloss will never leave my purse.

Events: Is it NBA playoffs yet? Derrick Rose (A.K.A. my future husband) is unstopabull in normal games so I’m dying to watch him in fourth quarter playoff mode. LET’S GO BULLS!

Christina’s March Must Haves

Song: My favorite getting ready song right now is “Inside Out” From my favorite person in the whole wide world: Britney Spears’ “Femme Fatale”.

Fashion: I just bought a pair of gold and black tassel Earrings and now I am obsessed with all kinds of tassel earrings. Another thing I have been wanting to buy is old man loafers, I found these cute ones at Urban Outfitters, I think they would look good with a pair of jeans and a blazer like the one above.

Hair: Braids! Braiding is so easy, because you can incorporate it in almost every hair style and make it look so much better. This girl braided in a little headband to a normal up-do and it makes her look so elegant.

Favorite Purse Product: I don’t usually like a lot of lip color, but this Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Baby Doll is perfect for me. It’s a really subtle pink with a perfect amount of shine, without being to sticky like so many other glosses out there.

Guilty Pleasure: Taylor Armstrong’s “Hiding From Reality”. I love reading it… I know there are plenty of other books I could be reading with way more substance. Who cares, I love it, and if I don’t read it, who will?


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Tuesday Tip of the Day: Baked Eyeshadow

Baked eye shadow doubles as a caked eyeliner. All you have to do is wet your angled brush and mix with color of choice.

You can find baked eye shadow anywhere from Walmart to Sephora. Most baked shadows are raised and rounded at the top.

Love C.A.

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